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Road trip

Big road trip to Vancouver getting ready for the bigger road trip. 

Decided to drive to Vancouver to get some riding gear for not so little Jo.  Though she is not tall she makes up for it in  her absolutely stunning  personality and her more than adequate girth.  We have decided to limit our food intake and increase energy output for the rest of our lives.  The other option would to hang her by her feet and try to stretch it all out over a 6 or 7 foot frame.

After finishing work on Friday we drove to Prince George and spent some time with Gheri and a nice bottle of Malbec.  Gheri had dialysis on Friday morning and Jo had a CAT scan.  The dialysis was at the same time as the x-ray, but Jo finished first and she was good with eating breakfast while Gheri got cleaned up so to speak.  The dialysis went well as did the CAT scan.  We were on the road to the big smoke by noon.  Things went well till about 4 pm and Jo started to complain about being itchey….so what you say!

She was a little red and bothered by the time we hit dinner in Cache Creek, time for some BENADRYL.  Yeah of course it got worse by the time we visited Josh at the RUBBER SIDE DOWN she had been doped up and was sleeping  while standing.  Got her measured up and let just say ms. potato head has nothing on her….looks like she has small feet if you know what I mean. 

While there I got measured up for a jacket with long arms big chest and long body…..gorilla comes to mind.  Josh was a charmer and he tells me the products will be in Houston by the 19 of June.  Now if they are that would be great.  I got a Bomber style Jacket with 8 inches added to the body and 4-6 inches on the arms.  Looks like it will work out, I really hope it turns up sooner I would love to add a pocket onto the back of it for Jo to load with her riding stuff, maybe camera and some things like that.  I was also thinking of adding some bellow type patch pockets onto the lower front part. 

After being in Vancouver and looking with no luck for a helmet for myself we decided to head home on Sunday, Gheri had dialysis on Monday anyways and I have tons of stuff to do.  Jo did get her new helmet finally it looks good I am so jealous.  I must of tried on every helmet type in Vancouver the best is a BMW one but they did not have my size and so I am not sure it actually fits will try to fix up the one I have and get a new one in the states when we go through there. 

Got home to Houston at around 8:30 am and went for a little nap. 

Spent a couple of hours bending and making a mount for the two accessory plugs that I think we should have this trip for charging electrical equipment, and a heated vest I am thinking of bringing along on this trip or at least to have the option to have one available to use.

Why or Why?

I am not sure why I decided to do this, it must be the weather! I have had 3 people in the last 72 hours request a blog of my pathetic life and feeble travels, I am not sure why. After given it a few seconds of thought, as with most decisions in life. I figured why not, what to loose, what to gain….why not. As I hope you will find out this is a blog from a pair of avid travelers, myself, Paul aka drbike and my faithful sidekick and last born Jo.


As many of you know Jo and I are getting ready for a long semi planned ride around the outer edges of the continent.  This would be a feat by bicycle, but this is going to be by motorcycle.  Specifically we are riding a 1150 GS we got last summer.  She is affectionately called Miss Piggy, she is rather fat in the hips but we do love her.  

On last weeks ride with DSBC the NXNW chapter to be specific I could hardly party as  I was so scared she would drop before I would.  The poorly designed side stand has a footprint that  is much too small for the kind of conditions we see much of the year around here and more so up in the Arctic, I have been using a piece of round aluminum I found on the side of  the road, {I call this sort of find as road manna}, time for a change.  On the KLR I welded a hunk of steel onto the existing, it works but is so not unique.  This time around I had a while to think about it and made the food look like a foot.  Much more cool!    The BMW sorts are a little more  refined with their farkles so this time I made it removable just in case.

Yet one more so cool thing to join our trip is a wireless headset, from Scala.  I will be able to listen to the radio,  the GPS,  as well as answer and talk on the phone.  Now do not jump up and down and have a heart attack   (my old friends especially), this is only in an emergency, an it allows Jo to listen to her music and stuff, I will leave the phone functions up to her as well, but I will likely keep the GPS active on my reciever.  As you can tell this weekend I have had a lot of fun.foot

Hello world!

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